Microsoft Lync The Phone System of the Future

....Ready to implement today!

In the past, your phone system has been a fragmented "island" to itself, with no or limited integration with your network. This requires duplication of work in many areas; i.e. cabling, multiple employee lists, etc. This increases costs and increases the chance for error. Advanced Information Technologies is pleased to offer Microsoft's Lync Voice-Over-IP (VOIP) phone solution to its customers. Before deploying this to any customer sites, we implemented this solution in-house and were nothing but impressed with its features and capabilities.

  Microsoft LYNC was designed from the "ground up" to be a voice-over-IP (VOIP) system offering maximum integration with Active Directory, Exchange server, and Outlook for superior unified communication capabilities. No other vendor or manufacturer has this "inside knowledge".
  LYNC offers significant advantages when compared to a conventional VOIP phone system; internal instant messaging, desktop "soft phone", status querying, etc.
  An old system (old technology) was not taken and retrofitted/band-aided to appear as a VOIP solution.

By implementing AIT's LYNC solution, your phone system can now be as easily maintained as your network. When you add an employee to or remove an employee from your network, they are added or removed from the phone system. There is one core directory that maintains all information for maximum efficiency and flexibility. From a facility standpoint, duplication of cabling is not necessary; with LYNC you only need one Ethernet cable per workstation/notebook - handset.

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