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Your Full-Service Technology Partner.

Since 1993, Advanced Information Technologies has served as a technology partner to customers in a variety of industries. Our expertise with hardware, software, networking, custom programming, and cybersecurity provides each of our customers with the capability to utilize and implement the power of technology to improve their business. As a full service technology firm, we provide everything needed to empower growth and maximize return on investment.

Our customers range in size from small businesses to large multinational corporations. We have weathered the ups and downs of the technology market and the global economy due to our technical expertise, integrity, and commitment to our clients. This foundation will ensure that our commitment will continue strongly in the future.

Your core competency is your business and products/services that you provide your customers. Your business demands a network that meets your requirements with reliability, stability, and complete functionality. Technology that can improve your bottom line is always changing. Why wait any longer? Let Advanced Information Technologies become your technology partner. Contact us today to schedule a free, no obligation information technology assessment.

Our Premier Services

Ready for a partner who has over 30 years of I.T. experience to serve your business?

Business Continuity / Disaster Recovery

We provide business continuity via our Multi-Site Backup (MSBS) and Continuous Data Protection / Disaster Recovery (CDP/DR) services to protect you in the event of catastrophic hardware failure or facility loss.


We have provided cloud services since 2004, long before they enjoyed the notoriety of today. We offer a full portfolio of private cloud capabilities including network-as-a-service, application hosting, e-mail hosting, e-mail spam filtering, network monitoring, firewall monitoring, multi-site backup, and continuous data protection.

Custom Programming

We are deep-rooted in software development, having begun as a software development company. We have extensive experience in requirements analysis, application design/prototyping, development, deployment, and maintenance. We can develop applications that interface with your existing software and provide functionality that you currently do not have. Ready to differentiate yourself from your competition? Ready to harness the power of your historical data through data analytics and business intelligence?


We understand the impact that technology has on the success of your company. When you allow us to be your technology partner, you have someone on your side who understands the necessity of implementing and utilizing technology so that you can gain an advantage over your competition and maximize your relationship with your customers.


Our multi-layer approach insures that we are protecting your network using I.T. best practices and making your employees more “cyber aware”. Network security and data protection are a top concern and the threat landscape is continually changing due to the criminal lucrativeness of data breaches and ransomware.

Cloud-based Phone Systems

Our cloud-based phone service provides full-PBX functionality to multiple devices and only requires an Internet connection. No expensive, proprietary hardware to purchase or configure. Make and receive phone calls from a traditional handset, your computer, or your mobile devices. No long-term contract. Contact us today to learn more about a phone service that has the same level of quality and dependability that is consistent with the other services that we offer.