Advanced Information Technologies has partnered with various technology providers to offer a "best of breed" portfolio of products for our customers. Although we strive to minimize initial and on-going costs for our customers, we also understand that oftentimes you "get what you pay for" when it comes to information technology products.

We provide Hardware as a Service (HAAS) for firewalls and wireless access points. This turns expensive capital expenditure (CAPEX) costs into affordable monthly operational (OPEX) costs. Our HAAS includes all required annual maintenance/support renewals and hardware monitoring through our NOC. Our firewall monitoring logs your Internet traffic in detail to provide a solid foundation for troubleshooting latency issues and access issues, as well as providing a rich history from which circuit utilization can be analyzed. As part of this service, daily Internet usage reports are e-mailed to you early each morning for the prior business day. This is an invaluable tool that provides granular detail of employees' usage and circuit traffic load.

We also offer internal and third party leasing to allow you to pay for large capital expenditure (CAPEX) costs over a 3 or 4 year period. This allows you to implement current solutions and utilize the latest technologies as a benefit to your organization, without having to wait for the time where you can incur a large financial obligation.

We take quality and reliability seriously. Give us an opportunity to provide you with a complete list of the hardware and software solutions that we represent, including the history behind each including their reliability and cost effectiveness.

Contact us today to learn more about AIT's information technology products that can improve your profitability by maximizing the productivity and efficiency of your employees.